New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

Rev. Dr. Glenn R. Davis


Theministries of the church are designed to help people worship the Godwhom we know as Jesus Christ, to aid them in making friendships, and tomake possible the use of their talents in the service of His church.

Weseek to make Christianity as intelligible as science, as appealing asart, as vital as the day's work, as intimate as home, and as inspiringas love. We want you to feel that New Bethel is your Church home. Donot hesitate if the Spirit of the living God leads you to make thisprogram, facilities, and minister your own.

If as of yet youhave established no personal relationship with Jesus Christ, myinvitation is for you to claim Him as Lord and Savior.

Rev. Dr. Glenn R. Davis

2508 Crest St.
Durham NC 27705


(919) 286-7200

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